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I am Akbar and I welcome you to my website.

Surfing the internet and learning new things online has fascinated me ever since I was introduced to the internet world, and today it is my passion to teach online. I have been working for myself online for many years and currently working as an online instructor.

Let me briefly share with you my story of getting started with online courses.

The idea of online course traced back to my school age …. back to 1998 when I was first introduced to the computer. I asked my computer teacher ´´ what is the name of this machine´´? I still remember his amazing reply, he said ´´ this the best invisible teacher´´. I laughed out loud thinking that how could a machine be the best teacher.

Many years later when I was studying in college, I was given an assignment on a topic and I had plenty of questions puzzling in my head about that topic. I asked those questions from my teachers but was not satisfied nor did I find a specific book addressing those questions. Remembering my computer teacher reply, I turned to the computer and tried to find my answers on the internet. Amazingly, I got my answers in the blink of an eye. I was happy and at the same time was really struck about the internet world – that how could it has a solution to every problem. That day I decided to explore this world more and more and learn so much that one day I’ll teach online.

Sometimes an opportunity knocks itself at your door, and that’s what happened to me. In my PhD studies, I was offered to teach an online course, and guess what? without thinking for a second, I accept it.

Accepting the offer means embracing a big challenge – and I was totally aware of that.

Teaching online was a completely new thing for me. I had no prior experience of teaching an online course and to be honest I had no passion for it. Even I didn’t had a good knowledge of the topic I had to teach.

It was like exploring a completely new world without any help. But I was excited and curious.

I made a plan and stick to it. I spent hours upon hours on surfing the internet – watching webinars, podcasts, reading online books – noted down key ideas, arranging them on a PowerPoint.

Slowly, I started learning how to create contents and how to prepare lecture slides. I also learned the tools used for recording and editing course lectures and finally managed to launch a full course.

In the beginning, it was a challenging job but as I was learning new things I was keep enjoying it. I was doing it consistently. To me, consistency is the key to the whole process. If you do it consistently, you start learning new things, you keep enjoying it and then it becomes your passion.

Today, I am teaching an online course at the university level and planning to create my own online courses and use them to increase my revenue.

I have learned in my childhood that you get some knowledge, transfer it to others. The more you transfer your knowledge the more you increase it. There is nothing better thing on earth that makes you happy than giving. The more you give the more you feel happy and satisfied. If I have some knowledge why not to transfer it to others, right?

Through my website (www.howtocreateanonlinecourseforfree.com) I want newbies to help them with creating online courses, to teach them my experience of how to start with creating an online course, to feel them that the process is not that stressful as it is portrayed.

Again, I’m Akbar. Nice to meet you and feel free to contact me if you wish.

Your friend,


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