The 5 Best Free Video Editors For 2018


1) VSDC 5.8.9 (click here to download)

VSDC is a free video editor that provides pretty much everything you need for a perfect video editing.

Besides its other cool functionalities, VSDC comes with two great features that you usually find in highly paid editors: one its screen capture ability and the other is it doesn’t have any limitation in terms of quality and duration of the video, isn’t great?

Unlike many other video editors where you will find a lot of complications in the general layout, the VSDC layout is super simple. It’s comprised of playback window, timeline, project explorer, and properties window. Whatever you need for your video project, you will see there in the top menu. Nothing is complicated and you will find everything self-explanatory.

When it comes to actual editing function, the VSDC can be compared to any professional video editor. Besides basic editing like trimming, splitting, cutting, cropping, rotating, and splicing, the editor also comes with other cool and fancy features. Adding images, color effects, visual things (text, graph, or whatever shapes you like) are some you can name it.

And of course, you can add background music and sound effects to your video.

If you’re iPhone user, you will love it. It is completely compatible with iPhone and iPod.

The editor offers different exporting options. You can export your final video to anywhere on your PC, on DVD, and even on YouTube.

As you can see there is a lot to like about this editor.

Although the free version has almost everything you need for editing, the pro version provides a lot of handy features that definitely make your editing faster, easy and cool. Click here to check it out.


2) HitFilm 4 Express (Click here to download)

If you’re looking for a free video editor with awesome visual effects, HitFilm 4 Express is the ideal choice for you.

HitFilm 4 Express is a very friendly, easy to use video editor that is compatible with most of the devices.

If you are a beginner and have no previous experience of using HitFilm 4 Express, don’t worry. On the homepage of the editor, you will see a bunches of tutorial videos that give you information on the different aspect of the editor.

I also attached here a tutorial video that walks you through some basic things you need to know about it.

Ok, now let’s briefly talk about the general layout of the HitFilm 4 Express and its different features.

1) The media section: located on the left. Here, you can import and organize all your video files. Besides, there is also options for managing effects, control the effects and editing history. This section of the editor has all the cool visual features that you can use for making a video.

2) The editor section: located next to the media section. Here, you can do all the fancy editorial changes.

3) Audio section: located to the right bottom. Here, you can adjust the volume of the clip.

4) The trimmer: Here you can preview your clip, select the desired part of the clip, and drag to the editor section for editing.

5) The preview screen: This screen here displays the preview of your video clip on your timeline.

The editor has all the parameters required for perfect video editing. Right from the start of uploading the video to the very end of the editing, every stage of the process looks very simple.

Click here to download the free version of HitFilm 4 Express now.


3) Davinci Resolve 15 beta (Click here to download)

This is by far the best video editor that is available for free. It has all the tools and parameters that you would normally find in highly professional video editors.

That having said, let’s talk about some main functionalities and features that it provide.

The layout screen is divided into 4 different workflow sections; 1) the media, 2) the editor, 3) the color, and 4) the driver. I’ll briefly summarize the basic properties of each of them. But if you want to know more detailed information, check out this tutorial video here.

1. The media; This is the workflow section where you can import and arrange all your video clips. Here, you will see a media browser, where you find and upload your videos from your computer drive; the media pool, where you drag your clip from the media browser; and a media screen where you can preview your video before transferring into the media pool.

2. The Editor; This is the section where the main job of your editing takes place. Like other professional editors, you can do all sort of editorial changes here, such as trimming, cutting, splicing, and transitioning.

You can also do some basic editing like zoom in, rotation, positioning, flipping, and cropping.

In addition, there are a number of other cool editing tools that you can play around with in order to make your video editing more smooth and stylish.

3. The color; this workflow section of the editor has pretty advanced and fancy tools that you can use to make your video more stunning. The color feature of the editor is so cool that you wouldn’t find it in any other free video editor. And that’s the main reason why people are so crazy about this editor. However, if you are a beginner, you probably need some time to get familiar with all parameters.

So basically what the color section offers; it allows you to correct the exposure of the entire image of the clip or a very specific part of it, to adjust the contrast and the shadow, and to apply warm and cool treatment to your video clip. In addition, there are a bunches of other cool parameters that you can use to make your video clip more vibrant and accurate.

But as I said, there are quite advanced and fancy features in this of the editor, and most of them you probably heard for the first time. Therefore, I would strongly recommend watching the tutorial (click here) so that you explore all the amazing features in the color workflow.

4. The Deliver: This is the final workflow of the editor that allows you to export your final video; once you’ve finished the editing. There are a bunches of presets formats available here and you can choose the one that suits the best for exporting your video.

As you can see the editor comes with bunches of cool and advanced features. Click here to download the free version.


4) ShotCut (Click here to download)

If you need a friendly user video editor that is available for free, consider ShotCut. It has all the basic features you need to use for perfect video editing.

You can easily download the software and can play around with different parameters of the editor without any trouble.

A great thing about ShotCut is that it comes with different language options, and you can choose the language that is more convenient for you.

Another cool thing about the editor is its flexibility of dragging up and down the different working windows (e.g, the timeline). You can even transfer these little windows into another monitor screen, in case you are using dual monitors for editing.

When it comes to editing, the editor does a very good job. You can easily do trimming, splicing or deleting certain parts of your clip with just one click. In addition to these basic editing functions, the editor also allows you to do some other advanced functions, like adjusting the speed of your video, to see a certain part of the clip more closely, adding text, making a transition between the two video clips, and adding some very special effects.

After finishing with editing, the editor allows you to export your final video into different formats. If you wish, you can change the audio and video settings of your clip, for example, you can adjust the resolution, aspect ratio, frames/sec etc.

Click here to download the free version.


5) Windows Movie Maker

I’m sure you’ve heard about Windows Movie Maker. This is the most popular video editor that is available for free if you’re using Windows. The editor contains all the essential features that you need to make a perfect video.

The layout of the editor is very simple and super easy to use. You can find all editing tools in the home menu of the editor. You can add, trim or delete any clip of your video with just one click. If you want to remove the unwanted part of your clip, simply select or highlight the desired area of the clip and remove it by clicking the remove button. You can easily add a transition in between the video clips. The editor also allows you to adjust the speed of your video, to add a text and some visual effects.

Windows Movie Maker also gives you the flexibility of adding background music or narration to your clip. Simply click on the add music option and add it to the desired location of your clip.

Once finished with editing, you can either save your video in a high-resolution display or directly upload to your YouTube or any other social media sites.

In conclusion, the Windows Movie Maker is great for editing short video clips. It’s not convenient for uploading a big file and therefore not best for editing for a bigger video.


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