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Really want to know why and how to create your own online course? getting started with online course
If your answer is YES, you really need to read this post in its entirety.

I am going to do my level best to show you how you get started with your online course in the next few minutes.

If you are like most newbies, you have been thinking of creating your first online course but you never started or stuck in the middle of the process. The ideas of why and how just not fit together. That is what happens for most people when they attempt to start creating an online course, they enter a state of total confusion.

I’m here to remove that confusion and want to help you and show you the proper way of getting started with your online course creation.

Let me ask you a question. What are those fears that prevent you from creating an online course?

  • I have no experience.
  • I must have a passion for that.
  • I don’t have too much money to invest on that.

These are the fears that I had and I’m sure you have also the same.

In this post, I will try to convince you that these fears can be overcome. In fact, these are not fears but excuses that restrain you from getting started with your online course. Also, I will explain why you should start making your online course today.

I have no experience

This is the first and foremost excuse that most people make when it comes to creating an online course. Ironically, most of them never really tried it.

It’s like learning swimming without jumping into the water – you never gonna learn it.

If you are really interested in building an online course, then make up your mind, set it as your goal, and make a plan to accomplish it. But make sure you follow the right approach.

To me, it’s not experience but the time that is the key to the beginning of the whole process. Experience will come along the way as you spend more time on your course. The more time you spend on making your course, the more you will learn and the more experience you will gain.


I must have a passion for that

How often have you heard this when you are thinking about to start a new profession or business?

Well – I heard it many times when I started my 1st online course.

I don’t agree with this notion that it must be your passion – at least in the beginning – if you want to be a successful online instructor.

My personal experience says that passion develops over time.

Let me explain it with an example. If you have to lose your weight, what would you need to do? Obviously, you must do some sort of workout – running, jogging or weightlifting in the gym. That sounds pretty challenging and tedious in the beginning. But as you start burning some fat, you begin to like it and as your body starts getting in shape you keep enjoying it. What happens after that, every time you do a workout you keep enjoying and loving it – here you go your passion develops.

The core of your creating an online course is you do working on it consistently. Don’t overwhelm if it’s not your passion from the start as passion develops over time.


It’s too expensive to create an online course

This is a common misconception that people have about an online course. They think that creating an online course required a big investment.

Let me tell you, it’s not expensive at all.

What basic things you need to start with your course: a computer, a camera, a lamp, and editing software. I am sure you have them already.

Even, if you are willing to spend some money, the maximum budget you should have is around $100 – 150. With that investment, you can create a course with high-quality audio and video. Check out my post for more detail about it.


Now that I have told you the reasons why people are afraid of making an online course – even though they are really interested in it, let me also discuss with you the reasons why you should start creating your online course.


You have a story of achievement, why not share it with others

Everyone has a story of achievement and I am sure you have also one.

Think about something that you have achieved, and you really like it. It could be anything – For example, your body transformation, a new language or a guitar that you have learned or even your favorite hobby. Anything that you think you can teach and that could help others.

Tell your story in the form of a course and inspired others.

And guess what, you don’t need brainstorming for a topic, you already got an awesome topic for your course.


You have a good knowledge of a topic

It is likely possible that you may have built up knowledge of a specific topic from a course, conference, or workshop that you attended. Why not create an online course from that knowledge?

It may not sound conceivable at first but believe me, you can really create contents from that knowledge and can shape it into a course – if you follow the right way.


Good source of income – earn money from home

Imagine how it feels to earn money while setting home. I know that feeling when I made my 1st $1000 online in one month (I know it’s not that much money, but it gave me a boost).

You can generate a respectable amount of income through selling online courses. Yes, it is possible – 100%.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people are making money every day by selling online courses. If you have your topic and resources then why can’t you do the same?

Create your own courses, take a step into the market of online courses and start making money from home.

Say goodbye to that stressful working environment in the office and to your horrible boss.

Yes, like many other online businesses, you will face some hurdles and challenges along the road as you progress. No doubt, you will go through the stress of creating the course contents, recording and editing the course lectures, and most importantly the marketing of your course.

Personally, I’m still going through this phase.

But that’s how every successful business had gone through.

If you are committed to the process, the success will embrace you soon and you will earn a good amount of money from home.


Future learning is based on online learning

I attended my 1st online course in my life when I was a master student. And the other day I heard from my 15 years old nephew that he is learning most of his courses via online – and he is loving it.

Online learning is booming. And because of that, the learning trend is changing rapidly. Today, people are more interested in learning things online than traditional methods.

That’s the reason most of the learning organizations have started to train and teach via online learning. And that’s also the reason that there is an increasing number of online platforms available for selling and marketing online courses.

You can read my post about creating an online course here.

If you have any questions regarding creating an online course, leave them below. I would be happy to help!


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