How to write course objectives: The 3 easy steps to follow

writing online course objectives

Most online instructors can manage writing the different parts of their online course, but struggle when it comes to the specific objectives. Perhaps they know what to write but can’t write in a way that entices their intended audience. After all, objectives part is the key to selling your online course. Skip that part, and selling your online course – never think of that.

The aim is the broad goal of your course while objectives serve as the basic route to achieve that goal.

So how could you write it more effectively?

That’s not an easy task. Unless you make it as a smooth journey for your audience – Yup, a journey.

Imagine, the aim is a travel destination and along the way each stop is an objective that leads the traveler closer to that destination.

In this journey, you take your travelers (your audience) through different stops (the specific objectives of the course). At each stop, You equip them with things that lead them to the next stop and finally to their destination.

Remember, you have to make the journey smooth and comfortable for them so that they are in a happy mood upon their arrival at the destination.

Let’s begin the journey and explore each stop along the way.


Step 1. What information can they get from the course?

information from online courseAt the first stop, you need to give your audience the information that they expect from the course.

Before opening up the advanced stuff, give them the specific knowledge and the background so that they could have the theoretical grip over on the topic of the course. In other words, lay the groundwork for them.

But don’t bombard them with a lot of information. Be specific and to the point so that they can understand it quickly. If you cover everything you want to deliver in the course, your audience will get tired and you lost them in the 1st stop. Have mercy on your audience!

Remember, clear information with no ambiguity will make it more absorbable, while the information that has no answers will end up making stuff up.

When giving the information, remember the following.

  • Why is this information important?

Think about it from your audience perspective, why would they want to know about it?

The information is worth to them if it has something to do with their ongoing daily life situations – which could be personal, professional, financial or educational. In either case, if it addresses their burning desire or related to their urgent pain, they will definitely go for it.

  • How is this information unique?

We live in the information age, and the information is spreading through the internet at a rapid pace. There might be tons of other courses available online sharing the same information that you are aiming for. Thus, you need to make sure the information you are sharing is unique.

If you are sharing the exact same information that is already available online, you are contributing nothing but creating a noise in the online course industry.

So how to deal with it?

You need to do some research. A quick and simple tip is to visit the platforms for online courses like Udemy and Skillshare. There, search for the descriptions of courses that are related to your course. Check the contents, style, delivery, any aspect that you think is not exactly the same to your course.

Also, check the review section. People might have questions that have not been answered in that course. Get that missing information, address it in your course and include it in your course objectives.

  • Is it meaningful enough to be turned into ideas?

Make sure the information you provide is pragmatic and can be translated into ideas. If it can’t, it’s worthless to your audience. Don’t bother them with this – they don’t have time for this. So, assign values to the information and make it worth so that it can spark ideas.


Step 2. What ideas can they get from the course?

ideas from online courseIn the second stop of the journey, you need to educate your audience about generating ideas from the information they got in the previous stop.

Remember, it’s not the information itself but the idea that can be executed and turned into success. Therefore, clearly define the ideas that they can get from your course. Your audience would like to hear more if the ideas make sense and can readily be executed. Avoid adding any vague and confused ideas in your objectives.

While you do want to be creative in your ideas, too much visionary ideas could pose a negative impact on your course. Selling lofty ideas without knowing how they will get results will never get a good number of audience. Therefore, be specific, practical and tangible in your ideas.

Likewise, It’s great to have smartest ideas in your course objectives but making them challenging can be troublesome. Challenging-based ideas are usually hard and exhaustive. And for sure, you don’t want your audience to experience the inconvenience situation.

It’s a journey, remember? Don’t let exhaust them in the journey.

Also note that the more viable and sustainable ideas you present in your course objectives, the more approval you will get from your audience.


Step 3. What skills can they gain from the course?

skills from online course If you try to persuade your audience with by reeling off the information and ideas in your course objectives, it wouldn’t attract them – not until you include the skills. If you don’t have it, you must re-evaluate your course objectives. You must begin to accept it as the best closing the sale technique for your online course.

So at this final stop of the journey, you need to tell your audience about the skills that they can learn from the course.

Depends on the course, those skills could be mental, physical or intellectual. In any case, the real question is how to present them that will entice your audience to register for the course. The most effective way is to give them the feeling of end results. Let them know what would they be capable of after successfully completing the course. How this course can teach them the skills that can make them more effective, productive, and hence more successful in their respective fields.

While describing the skills, keep in mind the following:

  • The skills that are more productive
  • The skills that produce better and faster results
  • The skills that are problem-solving

Congratulation! You have successfully taken your travelers to the final destination. Along the journey, they got all the key things they wanted from your course: the meaningful information, the basic ideas and the important skills that can be tested in the real world.

Remember, people buy a course based on its aim and specific objectives. Follow these steps while writing your course objectives and let your audience eager to buy your course at the first glance.

I hope you like the post. Please share your thoughts about the post in the comments box below. I would be more than happy to discuss. 

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